Using the SAP Fiori Client

Once configured to connect to the appropriate Fiori server, the application renders the Fiori application content just as it does within the mobile browser. Navigation between Fiori apps is handled by the Fiori Launchpad runtime. There are, however, some navigational capabilities provided by the SAP Fiori Client, which are described in the following sections.


You can perform basic navigation using the SAP Fiori Client toolbar.

To open the toolbar, double-tap the application screen.

If your administator configures optimized SAP Fiori Client, the toolbar is not available. Use the SAP Fiori launchpad menu instead.

If any of the web application content in the application isn’t rendering correctly, or the server becomes unresponsive, use the Refresh option on the toolbar to reload the page. Double-tap the application screen to open the toolbar, then tap the Refresh button to reload the page. For Android devices, the toolbar appears at the top of the page. For iOS devices, the toolbar appears at the bottom or middle of the screen.

Tapping on the Home icon navigates to the configured Fiori URL.

Tapping the Refresh icon reloads the current page.

Tapping the Back icon navigates to the previous page within the SAP Fiori application.

File Attachment Handling

In SAP Fiori Client for iOS, when you tap a link for an attachment, for example, a PDF file, the file downloads to a temporary folder, and you see a preview of the attachment's contents. You can tap the Share button and then choose a third-party app to open the attachment. Within the third-party app, you can copy, print, or perform other supported tasks for the attachment. After you return to SAP Fiori Client and close the preview, the downloaded attachment file and all related files in the iOS temporary folder are deleted automatically.

For Android and Windows devices, file attachments are opened using an external viewer application where possible. Certain file types, such as .png images are opened directly in the application. For other file types, the file is downloaded locally before you can view the attachment.

Any attachments downloaded for viewing will be deleted by the application after viewing.