SAP Fiori is a collection of Web applications that are designed to run on desktop and mobile. This means that a single instance of the application supports end users regardless of the device they are using.

SAP created the SAP Fiori Client to provide Fiori applications:

  • additional native capabilities (such as Camera, Barcode Scanner, etc.) on top of what a typical browser provides
  • management of the local web cache better when new versions of the application are released by the Fiori server
  • additional security to protect the application from unauthorized access
  • provisioning the user certificate through Mobile Secure and SAP Mobile Platform

When multi-user support is enabled by the system administrator, multiple people can be registered to use SAP Fiori Client on the same device. Each end user has a unique profile, which ensures that all sensitive, business-related data is stored securely for each person.

This guide shows you how to configure and use SAP Fiori Client on your device.