Launching the Application

Launch the application by tapping the application icon.

Demo Mode

When you start the application, you can optionally select a demo mode to onboard the application using a demo URL and try out SAP Fiori using sample data.

To select demo mode, tap Demo Mode.

While you are in demo mode, if you want to switch to production mode, open the settings and tap Switch to Production Mode.


If your system administrator has not automatically configured the SAP Fiori Client, you will be prompted to enter the SAP Fiori URL or an email address that will be used to fetch application settings from SAP Mobile Secure.

For Android and iOS devices, you can use the QR code scanner to retrieve the SAP Fiori URL. When you scan the QR code provided by your system administrator, the SAP Fiori URL will appear in the "Enter SAP Fiori URL or Work Email" field. The QR code scanner icon is to the right of the field.
Note If the QR code scanner icon does not appear, your system administrator has disabled the feature.

Enter the SAP Fiori URL or Work Email provided by your system administrator, or tap the QR code scanner icon and scan the QR code provided by your system administrator.

Passcode Screen

The Set Passcode screen allows you to set an application passcode to protect the application from unauthorized access.

The application uses the following default passcode settings:

  • Accepts upper and lower case alphanumeric characters
  • Passcode can be disabled by the user (on first use only)
  • A minimum length of 8 characters
  • A passcode lockout period of 5 minutes
Note The application's administrator can override the default passcode settings.

For single-user devices, enter a passcode, confirm your passcode, then tap OK.

(Android and iOS) In addition to setting a passcode, for Android devices equipped with fingerprint recognition, and Apple devices with Touch ID, you can select Enable unlock with fingerprint. You can set a passcode and enable fingerprint authentication before tapping OK, or you can just set a passcode and then enable fingerprint authentication another time. You can't use fingerprint authentication on its own. You must always first set a passcode.

When fingerprint authentication is enabled, to unlock SAP Fiori Client, you're prompted to scan the fingerprint you confirmed when first enabling the feature. If fingerprint authentiction fails, you are prompted to enter your passcode. To disable fingerprint authentication, uncheck the Enable unlock with fingerprint check-box.

Note This feature is visible only when connecting via SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile service for development and operations. To use fingerprint authentication, the Android device must support fingerprint recognition and be running Android 6 or later, and your iOS device must support Touch ID and be running iOS 9 or later.

For multi-user devices, enter your user ID, passcode, confirm your passcode, then tap OK.

Note Fingerprint authentication is not supported for multi-user devices. Also, For multi-user devices, if more than one user has registered and set a passcode, to unlock the SAP Fiori Client, select your user name from the drop-down menu, enter your passcode, then tap OK.

If you forget the application passcode, you can tap the Forgot Passcode button to reset the passcode. This will reset the application and user configuration. You will not be able to access SAP Fiori using the SAP Fiori Client until you have reconfigured the application.

SAP Fiori Logon

After configuring the application for your Fiori environment, when you start the application, you see the SAP Fiori Client logon screen.

Enter your user name and password, then tap OK.

Your logon screen might be different from the images above, or you might not be required to enter a user name and password.

The first time you log on, you might see a screen display while SAP Fiori Client is configured. This initial configuration may take several minutes to complete.

Data Collection

To help improve SAP Fiori Client, you can allow application statistics to be collected.

Note This feature is visible only when connecting via SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile service for development and operations.

If your system administrator enables sending application statistics for SAP Fiori Client, you are prompted to allow or deny the collection of application statistics. If your system administrator does not enable this feature, the application usage opt-in screen does not appear. The statistics that are collected consist of what device you're using, the device model, the operating system the device is running, and how long you use SAP Fiori Client each time you log on.

When the opt-in screen appears, review the Terms and Conditions, then choose either Allow to give your consent, or Deny to refuse consent. Through the SAP Fiori Client settings screen, you can change the data collection setting to Allow or Deny at any time. For more information about how to enable or disable data collection, see Settings Screen.

If you withdraw consent for data collection by disabling the feature, statistics collected up to that point is uploaded to the server, but new information isn't collected.