Installation Guide

If you are using pip (

>>> pip install hana-ml

Package Dependencies for Various Modules

  • hana_ml.visualizers.model_report: jinja2>=3.0.0, ipywidgets.

  • hana_ml.artifacts.deployers: urllib3, requests, cryptography.

  • hana_ml.visualizers: ipython>=6 for realizing the embedded report in Jupyter notebook.

  • hana_ml.visualizers.model_debriefing: pydotplus, graphviz.

  • hana_ml.visualizers.word_cloud: wordcloud

  • hana_ml.visualizers.eda: plotly>=4.14.3, optional, the default is matplotlib.

  • hana_ml.graph: beautifulsoup4, Shapely>=1.7.1

Note that some packages need to be installed according to their official websites: