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You can close pages with the option to terminate ongoing events or wait until they are complete.

The properties defined in Action are also applicable to this action.

ClosePage Properties

Property Type Required Default
CancelPendingActions boolean Optional false
DismissModal string Optional
_Type const Required


Controls if when the action runs any other pending actions are cancelled or not.

  • type: boolean
  • default: false


Control how the page is closed.

  • type: string

DismissModal Known Values

Value Description
Action.Type.ClosePage.Canceled Closes the page after pending actions are executed.
Action.Type.ClosePage.Completed Terminates execution of current and pending actions, and closes the page.


  • type: const

The value of this property must be equal to:


Action Result

This action does not have an ActionResult.


Close page

  "_Type": "Action.Type.ClosePage"

Close page with CANCEL specified

  "_Type": "Action.Type.ClosePage",
  "DismissModal": "Action.Type.ClosePage.Cancel"

Close page with COMPLETED specified

  "_Type": "Action.Type.ClosePage",
  "DismissModal": "Action.Type.ClosePage.Completed"