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A filter action can help users narrow down the items displayed in a collection control.

The properties defined in Action are also applicable to this action.

Filter Properties

Property Type Required Default
Filterable string Optional
ModalPageFullscreen boolean Optional false
PageToOpen Page Optional
_Type const Required


Targetpath to the filterable control.

  • type: string


How to display the filter options modal page. By design on iPhone, a modal page appears only in fullscreen.

  • type: boolean
  • default: false


The model filter options page.


  • type: const

The value of this property must be equal to:


Action Result

The ActionResult of this action is a JS object containing the filter and sorter.


// Filter.action
    "_Type": "Action.Type.Filter",
    "Filterable": "{#Page:SectionedTablePage/#Control:SectionedTable}",
    "PageToOpen" : "/ProjectName/Pages/Modal/"