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Datatype - Calendar Event Update Parameters

Define the parameters of the 'Update Calendar Event' activity.

Property Type Description
calendarId string The Id of the Calendar. This can be procured using the List Calendar (Google Calendar) Activity. By default the user's primary calendar will be used.
eventId string The Id of the event to update.
title string The Title of the event
description string The description of the event. Can contain HTML.
startDateTime any Start time of the event
endDateTime any End Time of the event
location string Location of the event.
guestsCanSeeOtherGuests boolean Whether attendees other than the organizer can see who the event's attendees are. Default is true
guestsCanModify boolean Whether attendees other than the organizer can modify the event. Default is false
guestsCanInviteOthers boolean Whether attendees other than the organizer can invite others to the event. Default is true
eventVisibility enum The visibility of the event to its attendees.
mandatoryAttendees string Mandatory Attendees of the event
optionalAttendees string Optional Attendees of the event
attendeesToRemove string List of attendees to un-invite for the event.
attachments Array.<irpa_googleworkspace.eventAttachment> Attachments of the event. Only link based file attachment is possible
attachmentsToRemove Array.<string> List of attachments to remove from the event. The matching FileURL should be specified.
showAs enum Property to define whether to show the event as Free/Busy in the calendar