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HTTP/2 for ABAP Outbound Connections

Outbound connections from the ABAP server now use the HTTP/2 protocol, provided that the communication partner supports that protocol.

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Available As Of

ABAP Platform 1909

Additional Details

The HTTP/2 protocol provides an optimized transport layer for the HTTP protocol with long-lived, shared connections, binary header compression, and other features. The ABAP server has supported HTTP/2 in the server role for two years, now the HTTP client functionality also uses the HTTP/2 protocol, unless the communication partner supports it and TLS encryption is used. As a result, client connections are now long-lived, re-used, and shared between multiple ABAP sessions.

The switch to HTTP/2 happens automatically, ABAP programs do not need to be adjusted to use the functionality and no configuration is required. If you want to disable HTTP/2 client connections, set profile parameter icm/HTTP/client/support_http2 = false.