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Improvements of ICM/SAP Web Dispatcher Client Connections

HTTP client connections can be terminated by the TCP RST mechanism. SAP Web Dispatcher client connection handling has been improved.

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Available As Of

ABAP Platform 1909

Additional Details

When HTTP connections are opened and closed with high frequency, an extensive number of TCP ports remains in state TIME_WAIT. As a result, the operating system cannot provide ports for new outbound connections and the client program terminates with an error. To avoid this issue, you can close the client connections with the RST mechanism instead of the regular TCP close handshake .

In ICM and SAP Web Dispatcher, you can enable using RST to terminate connections by setting the following profile parameters:

  • wdisp/system subparameter = … CLIENT_CONN_CLOSE_RST=true
  • icm/client_conn_close_rst = true

Additionally, the way SAP Web Dispatcher handles errors coming from connections to backend systems has been improved.