You can create and modify users in SAP Analytics Cloud in several different ways.

Creating Users

You can create users in the following ways:

Method More Information

Create individual users in the Users list

Creating a New User

Import multiple users from a CSV file

Importing or Modifying Users from a File

Create users automatically by enabling the Dynamic User Creation feature when configuring a custom SAML Identity Provider

Enabling a Custom SAML Identity Provider

Create users programmatically via the User and Team Provisioning API

SAP Analytics Cloud User and Team Provisioning API


As of version 1.0.117 and later of the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent, importing Active Directory (AD) users is no longer supported. To automate user and or team provisioning using Windows AD, or any other user management system, use the SAP Analytics Cloud User and Team Provisioning API.

Modifying Users

You can modify existing users in the following ways:

Modification More Information
Export user data to a CSV file, to synchronize with other systems Exporting Users
Map SAML attributes to SAP Analytics Cloud user profiles Mapping SAML Attributes to Users
Update the email address a user logs on with Updating User Email Addresses
Delete users Deleting Users
Add users to teams Creating Teams
Assign users to teams based on their SAML attributes Assigning Users to Teams Using SAML Attributes