Creating Teams

You can create groups of users in SAP Analytics Cloud. These groups are called teams.


Once you have user records in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can create teams, which are groups of users. Teams are useful when sharing stories or files in the system. For example, you can share a story with all members of a team without having to assign users one by one.


  1. On the Teams page of the Security area, choose (Create Team).
  2. Enter a unique Team Name.
    Only the following characters are permitted: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, underscores, hash marks, and ampersands. Spaces are not allowed in the team name. The maximum length is 127 characters.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Select Create a Folder to add a folder for team files under the System folder.
    Members of your team automatically have full access to this folder. However, they cannot delete or export it.
  5. In the Members area, use (Add Members) to search for existing users to add to this team.
    The Select User dialog opens.
  6. Scroll through the list of users or search for a particular user.
  7. Select (Down), to the right of the Search area, to show more options.
    You can choose to see your users listed by Display Name, ID and Display Name, or ID.
  8. Choose (Sort) to sort the list of users.
  9. Select each user you want to add to the team.
  10. When you are done, choose OK to return to the Create Team dialog.
    You can use the controls in the Members area to add or remove users from the list. Use the Search control to find a particular user, if your list is long.
  11. Choose Create when you are done.


The new team appears in the list. The user ID of the current session is automatically added to each team you create during the session.

Next Steps

  • Use the controls on the Teams page to search, refresh, create, or delete teams.
  • Choose an existing team and click its name to open the Edit Team dialog.
  • Choose an existing team and select (Delete) to remove that team.
  • Team members are given these sharing permissions on the team folder: Read, Copy, Create files, and Create folders. See Sharing a File or Folder if you want to assign other permissions.
  • Team folders can't be moved. They always reside directly under the System level.
  • Team folders can be deleted and restored like other folders, but restored only to their original locations.
  • You can export and import teams and team folders using the Content Network. Adding a team to an export won't add its users or membership, however. See Importing and Exporting Content for details.