Importing and Exporting Content

Use import and export tools to get access to sample content and business scenarios and share content with other systems.

As an administrator, you might need to transfer content between systems in your landscape. For example, you might set up stories, analytic applications, and models in your test system and then move them to a production system when they're ready.

Or you might want to help your users get started by importing some of the public content provided by SAP and its partners: sample content, templates, and end-to-end business scenarios for specific industries and lines of business.

You can import and export data with a couple of different tools:
  • Content Network: The Content Network stores your exported packages in the cloud, where you can share the packages with other systems in your landscape, and manage the content and sharing settings. You can import content that's shared with your system, including private content as well as public samples, templates, and business content provided by SAP and its partners.
  • Deployment area: From here, you can export and import content as .tgz files.

The Content Network is not available for Trial users.