Creating a New User

You can create individual users in SAP Analytics Cloud.


You can select one or more roles while you're creating the user. Before getting started creating users, you might want to become familiar with the standard application roles, and with any existing default or custom roles. But don't worry – you can still assign roles after you've created the users.

Type of Role Description More Information

Standard application roles

The roles available depend on the licenses included in your subscription

Standard Application Roles

Custom roles

Variations on the standard roles, created to meet your company's needs

Creating Custom Roles

Default role

Assigned when the user is created if you select no other role

Setting the Default Role


The method described here assumes that SAP Analytics Cloud is using its default authentication provider. If you are using a custom SAML Identity Provider, you must provide slightly different information, depending upon how your SAML authentication is configured.


  1. Go to Start of the navigation path (Menu) Next navigation step (Security) Next navigation step  (Users)End of the navigation path.
  2. Select (New) to add a new user to the user management table.
  3. Enter a User ID.
    Each user needs a unique ID. Only alphanumeric and underscore characters are allowed. The maximum length is 20 characters.
  4. Enter the user name details.
    Only Last Name is mandatory, but it is recommended that you provide a First Name, Last Name, and Display Name. Display Name will appear in user-facing screens.
  5. Enter an Email address.

    A welcome email with logon information will be sent to this address.

  6. Select the Manager who will approve requests this user makes for new role assignments.
    Users can request additional roles only if they have a custom role that allows for self-service. .
  7. Select the icon and choose one or more roles from the list.

    If one or more default roles have already been created, you can leave Roles empty. Default roles will be assigned when you click save. .

  8. Select (Save).


A welcome email including an account activation URL will be sent to the user, so that the user can set an initial password and access the system.