Smart Insights

Smart Insights uses machine learning to automatically provide insights to better help you understand your data.

What Smart Insights Can Do for You

When you look at a chart or table, there's always more to understand about what's going on in your data. With Smart Insights, you can explore beyond the data that is readily visible to you at first glance.

What are Smart Insights?

Smart Insights take the form of a textual insight combined with a visualization to provide you with as much information as possible about your selected data point or variance. These insights are presented to you within your story in the Smart Insights panel.

When can I get Smart Insights?

You can get Smart Insights on your acquired data or live SAP HANA connections when working with most chart types, tables cells, and all variance types in stories. If Explorer is enabled on the visualization from which it's triggered, Smart Insights are also available in the Explorer view, and the Digital Boardroom.

Smart Insights aren't available when working with:
  • Cross calculations
  • Calculated rows and columns created in tables
  • Blended project "Model S"
  • Measures that are nonfinancial account types (NFIN)
  • If a dimension in your hierarchy has over 200 K nodes, the top contributor insight for that specific dimension is based on the level of the leaf node, not the other hierarchical levels.
  • Smart Insights won't return top contributor insights if the returned result sets for the top contributor queries from the backend is more than 1 million rows.