Adding a Footer to a Chart

You can add text footers to charts in stories.


You can add a line or block of text appearing at the foot of a chart widget in your story.

The footer will not be available in the following scenarios:
  • Viewing the chart in Explorer.
  • Viewing the chart as a pinned item on your home screen.


  1. Select the chart.
  2. From the chart action menu (), select Start of the navigation pathShow/Hide Next navigation step FooterEnd of the navigation path .
    A footer section with the phrase Click to enter text is displayed in the chart.
  3. Replace the default text with your footer text.
    You can add Smart Insight tokens that display dynamic text to chart footers. From your chart, choose Start of the navigation path (More Actions) Next navigation step  Add Smart InsightsEnd of the navigation path. The generated dynamic text in the footer corresponds to the first insight available for your data.
  4. (Optional) Change the styling of the footer text.
    Open the Designer panel and select (Styling). Apply any of the following styling options to the text:
    • Text Properties:
      • Select the font style, size, and color.
      • Select the paragraph justification.
      • Add bulleted or numbered lists to text.
    • Hyperlink: Link to another story or page, or to an external URL.