Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics comprises a set of SAP Analytics Cloud features that enhance the analytics process using machine learning.

The Augmented Analytics features include Smart Insights, Search to Insight and Smart Discovery.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights allows you to quickly develop a clear understanding of complex aspects of your business data, by letting you see more information about a particular data point in your visualization or table, as well as about a variance on your acquired data.

Search to Insight

Search to Insight is a natural language query interface used to query data.

Smart Discovery

By running machine learning algorithms, Smart Discovery uncovers new or unknown relationships between columns within your dataset to help you understand the main business drivers behind your core KPIs.

Smart Predict

Smart Predict helps you answer business questions that need predictions or predictive forecasts to plan for the future business evolution: It automatically learns from your historical data, and finds the best relationships or patterns of behavior to easily generate predictions for future events, values, and trends. Additionally, you get easy to understand KPIs and visualizations that help you evaluate the predictions accuracy. You can then leverage those predictions & predictive forecasts with confidence to augment your planning model and stories.