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In development systems, the ATC is able to check ABAP repository objects in the standard namespaces Y* and Z*, as well as objects in namespaces that meet these conditions:

  • The namespace is defined in the system with the role Producer, meaning that development can take place on objects in the namespace; and

  • There is a valid license recorded in the system for the namespace.

In systems other than development systems, the ATC can check objects other than those in standard namespaces Y* and Z* only if the namespaces are registered with the ATC.

If your ATC master system is located on a non-development system (such as a consolidation or test/quality system), then you must register your development namespaces with the ATC, or you will not be able to run central ATC checks on the master system.

This namespace registration is used only by the ATC and has no effect on the namespaces that you have licensed with SAP.

Registering Name Spaces at the Master System

In one of the satellite development systems, start transaction SA38 or SE38. There, start the ABAP program SATC_AC_INIT_NAMESPACE_REG. See the online help in the program for detailed instructions on how to proceed.


When you have completed the procedure, the ATC is able to use customer name space information on the ATC master system to check objects in the ATC master system during central ATC check runs.