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Within the same transaction you can remove equipment from a superordinate technical object during simultaneous goods movement or you can post a material putaway without updating the hierarchy of the technical object.


Note the prerequisites described under Change of the Actual Configuration.


The Configuration Control component contains the following functions for the removal:

     Dismantling Equipment with Simultaneous Goods Movement

ยท        Placing Material into Storage Without Updating Hierarchy

     The system can automatically generate or update a notification to document the removal. This function is enabled by the Business Add-In (BAdI) BADI_CCM_NOTIF_GENER.

     You can integrate part statuses into notifications and inventory postings.

     You can override the master batch of the affected equipment during the removal.

     You can perform a forced removal. This is a removal that takes place despite a validation error reported by the system. A forced removal is saved in the equipment master record and indicated as such on the Configuration Control tab page. It requires a special authorization.

     If you have linked the technical object with its master parts list, the system automatically creates a structure gap in the actual configuration after the removal of a piece of equipment.

     You can simulate the removal.

     You receive an application log for the removal.

     You can use a task code on the Notifications tab page, for example, to use the Customizing for notifications to trigger follow-on actions for the installation and dismantling of equipment.


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