Interface SQLContainer

All Superinterfaces:
SQLNode, TreeNode

public interface SQLContainer
extends SQLNode

Warning: This interface is no longer functional from the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 release onwards.

The SQLContainer interface is used to customize SQL statements generated by an SQLDataProvider from a Query specification.

A SQLContainer holds a set of one or more SQLNode objects which are either SQLSelectStatement or SQLContainer objects.

Possible operators used to join child objects of a SQLContainer instance are:

Example: the following diagram shows how SQLContainer child nodes are linked.

See Also:
SQLDataProvider.getSQLContainer(), DataProvider.getCombinedQueries(), TreeNode

Method Summary
 java.lang.String getOperator()
          Returns the key word used to combine child SQLNode objects.
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getChildAt, getChildCount, getIndex, getParent, isLeaf

Method Detail


java.lang.String getOperator()
Returns the key word used to combine child SQLNode objects.

Examples of key words used to combine child SQLNode objects are: