jcodestination import


To import a JCo destination into the database

Command Usage


MS Windows: setup.bat jcodestination import <SAP_APPLICATION> <DESTINATION_NAME> <FROM_FILE_PATH>

UNIX and Linux: ./setup.sh jcodestination import <SAP_APPLICATION> <DESTINATION_NAME> <FROM_FILE_PATH>

Command Arguments
Name Definition
<SAP_APPLICATION> The SAP application (CRM or ERP) for this destination
<DESTINATION_NAME> The JCo destination name
<FROM_FILE_PATH> A file that contains the relevant JCo destination

Detailed Information

The import command creates or maintains a JCo destination into the Core database. A JCo destination is dedicated either to an SAP ERP system or to an SAP CRM system. The SAP CC system uses one or more JCo destinations to communicate with the SAP CRM and SAP ERP systems that are available in the system landscape.


Refer to the SAP CC Configuration Guide for more information about the mandatory and optional settings, the security settings, examples, and recommendations.

File Format

Each lines of the text file represents a configuration detail. A single-line comment begins with the hash (#) symbol.


You use this command to:

  • Set up the initial JCo destinations during the implementation project phase.
  • Maintain the JCo destinations during the production operation phase when an SAP system is added to the system landscape.


  • Export the current settings to a file
  • Edit the file and set up the new JCo destination information
  • Save the text file and import the file by specifying if the new JCo destination relates to a CRM or an ERP application.


  • The name of the JCo destination must be unique in the Core database whatever its type is.
  • The import operation makes changes to the Core database that the instances of the SAP CC system do not take into account immediately; therefore, you probably need to restart all the server instances.


You must have the Administrator role in your SAP CC user profile.

In Scope

Management of the JCo/RFC destinations
delete - To delete a JCo destination from the database
export - To export a JCo destination from the database to a file
import - To import a JCo destination into the database
list - To list the available JCo destinations