jcodestination export


To export a JCo destination from the database to a file

Command Usage


MS Windows: setup.bat jcodestination export <DESTINATION_NAME> <TO_FILE_PATH>

UNIX and Linux: ./setup.sh jcodestination export <DESTINATION_NAME> <TO_FILE_PATH>

Command Arguments
Name Definition
<DESTINATION_NAME> The JCo destination name
<TO_FILE_PATH> The target file that will contain the specified JCo destination

Detailed Information

The export command gets the configuration details of a JCo destination stored in the Core database system.

The JCo destination configuration is written into the specified file name when the operation succeeds. You use this command to get configuration details or to prepare the configuration of a new JCo destination.


One or more JCo destinations can exist depending on your system landscape. One or more CRM systems and one or more ERP systems can be available.


You must have the Administrator role in your SAP CC user profile.

In Scope

Management of the JCo/RFC destinations
delete - To delete a JCo destination from the database
export - To export a JCo destination from the database to a file
import - To import a JCo destination into the database
list - To list the available JCo destinations