Waste Management (EHS-WA)


In enterprises of all kinds, substances and objects accumulate that can no longer be used in the production process and that must be disposed of as waste. Disposal in this sense means either the recycling (recovery) or the disposal (dumping) of waste. Laws and regulations regulate disposal and must be complied with by enterprises. Moreover, the disposal processes tie up resources (personnel, storage, containers, vehicles, and so on) and costs arise for the actual disposal of waste that depend on the quantity and level of risk of the waste and on the situation on the disposal market.

The SAP Waste Management component supports you as waste generator in handling waste disposal processes for waste generated within your enterprise, complying with national and international regulations and laws that are relevant for generation, transport, and disposal, and distributing costs proportionally among the departments within the enterprise that generated the waste.


Like the SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) component, Waste Management is also fully integrated into the SAP system. This integration automatically ensures that data is consistent in the business processes and other processes, that you do not need to enter data redundantly, and that data and the corresponding documents are always up-to-date. You must have installed the following SAP components in order to be able to use all the Waste Management functions and the corresponding integration:

  • Basic Data and Tools

  • Product Safety

  • Dangerous Goods Management

  • Engineering change management

  • Classification system

  • Document management system

  • Materials management

  • SAP Warehouse Management

  • Batch management

  • Controlling

  • Financial Accounting

    Caution Caution

    All integration objects (for example, cost centers, materials, vendors, contracts, and storage locations) must be available in the system on which you installed Waste Management. This means that all the SAP components required must have been installed and the corresponding master data exists in this system.

    End of the caution.

In many cases, waste generators or waste disposers must also take into account the regulations and laws governing hazardous substances and dangerous goods, and industrial hygiene and safety and occupational health, alongside waste law. If this is the case in your enterprise, you should have installed all the SAP EH&S components:

SAP EH&S Component

Supports Compliance with

Waste Management

Waste law

Hazardous Substance Management and Product Safety

Hazardous substance law

Dangerous Goods Management

Dangerous goods law

Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Industrial hygiene and safety

Occupational Health

Occupational health

Some functions in Waste Management are also used by other SAP components, such as the SAP Waste Disposal Industry component of the SAP for Utilities Industry Business Solution.


Waste Management consists of the following SAP components:

  • Basic data

    In this SAP component, you can, among other things, enter all the data that is required for describing waste, for example from a logistics, physical-chemical, or legal point of view. Functions from the SAP components Materials Management, Basic Data and Tools, and Dangerous Goods Management are used in this process.

  • Master data

    In this SAP component, you can, among other things, enter all the data for waste generators (such as points of generation), waste disposers, waste transporters, authorities, and waste approvals. Furthermore, you can link waste generators, waste transporters, and waste disposers to wastes and specify possible disposal channels.

  • Disposal processing

    In this SAP component, you can enter waste quantities and trigger further disposal processing. Links to numerous SAP components are available for this, so that you can, for example, post waste directly to inventory management from Waste Management and trigger purchase orders for disposal.

  • Disposal documents

    In this SAP component, you can create, print, and manage various disposal documents, such as German waste manifests or US hazardous waste manifests. At the same time you can, for example, also monitor the return leg of the disposal document.

  • Reporting

    In this SAP component, you can create various reports, such as waste life-cycle analyses.

You can use Customizing to flexibly adapt the Waste Management interface to suit your needs. You can thus hide fields, screens, and functions that you do not require and also add new ones.

Caution Caution

This documentation only describes the SAP standard system. If you hide or change fields, screens, or functions in the SAP standard system using Customizing, this can lead to processes, functions, and procedures described in this documentation no longer exactly representing the situation in your system.

End of the caution.