Costing Level Overviews


Overview of all the costing levels that will be or were costed.


You can display the costing level overview for the following:


The costing level determines the sequence in which the material is costed in the cost estimate. For further information, see Multilevel BOMs and Concept of Cost Rollup .

The following data is displayed for each costing level:

  • Number of the costing level

The lower the number, the lower the level of the material in the BOM

  • Number of materials in this costing level

  • Number of materials costed

This number indicates how many materials with BOMs were costed in this costing level.

This information is only available to you after costing has been completed; it is not available at the BOM explosion stage of the costing run.

The costing status indicates whether the BOM explosion or costing was carried out successfully for each costing level. SE means selected without errors, while KA means costed without errors.

  • Number of system messages

This information is an initial overview of the quality of selection or costing. For more information, see Message Logs .

By using display variants, you can adapt the information in the costing level overview to your requirements. For example, you can hide superfluous data and include other information, and save the changes under a new display variant. For more information, see Display Variants and ABAP List Viewer .