Exploding BOMs for the Costing Run


This processing step involves the exploding of material BOMs after you have selected the materials to be costed.

If you select all materials in all plants, you can skip the step Explode BOM . This step is only necessary if not all materials are selected, such as finished products only. If you have selected all the relevant materials, this step is not applicable.

How you explode BOMs depends on whether you work with variant BOMs (which cannot be configured) or configurable BOMs.

  • Variant BOMs

If you are working with variant BOMs, you only have to carry out the step Explode BOM if you selected specific materials for costing.

If you are costing all materials in a plant, you can skip the step Explode BOM .

  • Configurable BOMs

If you are working with configured materials, you must explode the BOMs to determine a quantity structure for the cost estimate. The quantity structure of the configured material is created using the material components and operations that you select in configuration.


  1. In the BOM explosion step, choose ( Change parameters ).

  2. The screen Costing Run: BOM Explosion - Change Parameters appears .

  3. Specify whether the run should be executed online or in the background.

  4. If you want to explode the BOM online, turn off the Background processing indicator. For more information, see Background Processing .

  5. Set the indicator Print log if you require the messages for the run in print form.

  6. For more information, see Logs in Material Costing .

  7. Save your entries with .

  8. Choose .

  9. You return to the Edit Costing Run screen.

  10. Choose (Execute) to explode the BOM .

  11. After the BOM explosion, you can display the section Costing results and display a list of the materials and their data (such as the plant and costing lot size) through the costing level overview or material overview .

    If you have set the Background processing indicator, the materials are not exploded; instead, the system displays the Background Processing: Job Parameters dialog box. Enter the start date and other start criteria for the background job.

    Choose Copy to schedule or start the job. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Job Overview End of the navigation path to branch to an overview of all background jobs.

    Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Schedule Manager End of the navigation path to access the Schedule Manager .

  12. Choose to update the displayed costing run data.

  13. Save the costing run with .


After exploding the BOM, the system displays the status, number of materials exploded, number of materials processed with errors, and the number of materials that have yet to be processed.

To check all the messages that occurred during the BOM explosion, choose ( Display Log ). The log provides an overview of the results of the BOM explosion and the option to prevent potential errors before carrying out further steps.

Note that a BOM can include materials which

  • Have multiple BOMs

Multiple BOMs comprise several alternative BOMs for different lot size ranges or production alternatives, for example. You specify which procedure the system uses to look for the alternative BOM in Customizing for Product Cost Planning. ( See also: Quantity Structure Control in Customizing )

You can display information on the selected alternative BOM by choosing Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Field selection Next navigation step . If the End of the navigation path BOM data indicator is set, the system lists the BOM number, the alternative BOM and the BOM usage for each material.

  • Were costed in another plant

The special procurement type specifies the plant in which the system searches for costing data. You control how the system looks for costing data by defining a transfer control ID in Customizing for Product Cost Planning.

BOM explosion is not required if other plants subject to special procurement have already been costed. If you have stock transfers between plants that have not yet been costed, you can dispense with the BOM explosion, provided you select all the relevant plants. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to explode the BOM in cross-company costing. It is only a requirement when the above conditions do not apply.