Create Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Controlling Next navigation step Product Cost Controlling Next navigation step Product Cost Planning Next navigation step Material Costing Next navigation step Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path.

    The screen Create Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure appears.

  2. Enter the material and plant.

  3. Enter the following data in the Costing data tab page:

  4. You can enter the following additional data in the Quantity Structure tab:

    • Production Version

    • BOM data

    • Routing data

    You can enter a production version or data for BOMs and routings. You cannot enter both the production version and a BOM/routing. If you do not enter any data for the quantity structure, the system selects a valid quantity structure for the cost estimate.

    For more information, see

  5. Choose Continue (Continue) and check the proposed costing dates on the tab Dates. Change the costing dates if required.

    The dates are proposed from the settings in the date control ID. The settings in date control also determine whether you can change the proposed dates.

    If you have changed the costing dates, you can copy the proposed dates by choosing Default values.

  6. Choose Continue (Continue).

    The system costs the material. The system creates the quantity structure, determines the costing levels, valuates the quantity structure and calculates overhead.

    You see the costing results for the highest material.

    For more information about displaying and analyzing the results, see the following:

  7. Save the costing results.

    For more information, see Saving Material Cost Estimates.