Quantity Structure Control Through the Initial Screen of the Cost Estimate


For the highest material of the structure to be costed, you can determine which bill of material and routing are used through the initial screen of the material cost estimate with quantity structure.

Note Note

The entries in the initial screen take priority over the entries in the material master record and in the quantity structure control. For more information, see Quantity Structure Control Through Customizing and Quantity Structure Control Through the Material Master Record .

If the BOM specified in the initial screen is contained in further multiple BOMs, for example, the system cannot explode the multiple BOMs.

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If you want to determine the data to be used for the header material in the initial screen of the cost estimate with quantity structure , enter the following:

  • Production Version

  • Contains detailed data on the BOM, routing, lot size range, and validity

  • You define production versions in the costing view in the material master record. In the production version, enter the BOM and routing of the material to be costed. However, if you enter a production version that is locked for use, the system ignores it and selects a valid production version.


  • Quantity Structure Data

  • BOM Usage

Specifies whether the bill of material is, for example, an engineering BOM, a production BOM or a costing BOM.

  • Alternative BOM

Identifies a BOM within a multiple BOM. In view of the different manufacturing processes that exist, a material can, for example, be created for different lot size ranges through various alternative BOMs.

  • Task List Group

Groups routings for different lot size ranges or production processes. If you use different routing usages (such as production or repair), it is useful to create a new routing group for each usage.

  • Group Counter

Identifies routings within a task list group.

Since the production version already contains information on the quantity structure, you enter either a production version or data pertaining to the BOM and routing. If you enter a production version and then make additional quantity structure entries, the production version takes priority. The quantity structure entries are ignored.