Audit Evaluation (Audit Monitor)


The audit evaluation provides different search possibilities for all audit components on the basis of various search criteria. In the audit evaluation, you can, for example, determine the number of outstanding corrective and/or preventive actions , display all audits or question lists , and determine which audit plans exist for a certain time period.


The audit evaluation accesses all data that was created in the system in the context of audit management .


  1. Access audit management. (See Accessing Audit Management ).

  2. Activate the radio button for the required audit component category.

  3. If required, you can restrict the selection using additional search criteria (for example, search field, identification, grouping, status, persons involved).

  4. Choose , to call up a list of the audit components that correspond to the search criteria you have entered.

  5. In this list, you can do the following:



    Audit Component

    Display the detail view of the selected audit component.

    Audit Component

    Print data related to the selected audit component on a form.

    Display details about the selected entry in the list.


    Sort the list entries according to a selected column.

    Search for particular terms within the list.

    Set a filter.

    Print the list.

    Display the print preview or different views (for example, Excel or Lotus) of the list.

    For example, export the list to a text processing or spreadsheet program, save it as a local file, or send it as a mail.

    Select a layout for the list, or change the layout of the list.