Question List


Question lists are multilingual collections of questions that are answered during the execution of the audit. The allowed valuation can be planned for each hierarchy level.

A question list can be structured hierarchically.

There are two different types of question list in Audit Management:

  • Question List (Master Record): This question list simply serves as a copy template for audit question lists. It does not contain any answer fields.

  • Audit Question List: This question list is used for the audit execution. It is a (modified) copy of the master record question list and contains answer fields.


A question list can contain as many hierarchy levels as required (for example, element, criterion, subcriterion, question). Each of these hierarchy levels can, in turn, contain additional hierarchy levels. The allowed valuation can be planned for each hierarchy level.

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In the navigation area, question lists are indicated by the icon and subordinate hierarchy levels are indicated by the icon .

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  • Question lists (master record) serve as copy templates for audit question lists.

  • An audit can link to as many audit question lists as required.

  • Question lists do not have to be assigned to an audit.

  • A corrective/preventive action can refer to an audit question list or to a single node of an audit question list.

  • An authorization group is stored in the question list (display, change).

  • Documents can be assigned to a question list.