Class: JobLog

$.jobs. JobLog

$.jobs.JobLog provide access to the log entries of a scheduled job.

new JobLog()

A scheduled jobs entries in the logs.
var jobLogArray = myjob.schedules[i].logs.jobLog;
var newestLogEntry = myjob.schedules[i].logs.jobLog[0];
var newestStatus = myjob.schedules[i].logs.jobLog[0].status;


jobLogs :Array.<$.jobs.JobLog~JobLogObject>

Exposes all entries in the job log as array of $.jobs.JobLog~JobLogObject objects. The array is ordered by planned_time in descending order.

Type Definitions


  • object
Name Type Description
planned_time Date Planned point in time for execution of corresponding schedule.
status String Status during execution of corresponding schedule.
error_message String Error message of execution of corresponding schedule.
started_at Date Point in time when execution of corresponding schedule started.
finished_at Date Point in time when execution of corresponding schedule finished.
host String Hostname.
port String Port.
action String Action executed with the corresponding schedule.
user String Username.
locale String Locale set for execution of the corresponding schedule.
thread_id ctypes.Int64 Thread Id of thread that executed this XSJob.