´╗┐SAP HANA Simple Info Access API

The SAP HANA simple info access (SINA) API is a client-side or frontend JavaScript API for developing browser-based search UIs. SINA runs on SAP HANA SPS08.

This API provides the following simplified set of features of the SAP HANA info access HTTP service:

  • Connecting to a SAP HANA attribute view.
  • Freestyle-searching the data of the view.
  • Suggesting possible search terms.
  • Receiving results for lists.
  • Receiving results for simple charts.
  • Filtering the results.

This documentation contains the API reference and some tutorials.

For information about:

  • The SAP HANA info access architecture.
  • Implementing the info access HTTP service and the SINA API on the SAP HANA development platform.
  • Preparing your search data in the SAP HANA database.

See the SAP HANA Developer Guide, chapter Building Search UIs with SAP HANA Info Access.

For technical support, open an SAP support ticket on component HAN-AS-INA-UI.