Optimize System Performance with the Analysis Tool

As an administrator of an SAP Analytics Cloud tenant, you can use the Performance Analysis Tool and the decision tree below to find resources that will help you resolve performance issues.

Who does this apply to?
  • Users with Read and Update permissions for System Information.
  • Admin and BI Admin

The following instructions apply primarily to SAP Analytics Cloud (public and private). Some sections may also be applicable to SAP Analytics Cloud, Embedded edition depending on feature availability.

Use the Performance Decision Tree

Follow the steps in the following decision tree to find resources that will help you to resolve performance issues.

This image is interactive. Hover over each area for a description. Click highlighted areas for more information.

Run the Performance Analysis Tool Browser/Client Optimization Analytic Application Optimization Story Optimization Planning and Data Action Optimization Network Optimization Backend Optimization Other Options

Run the Performance Analysis Tool


The Performance Analysis Tool identifies processing time by document for three major areas: Network, Frontend, and Backend. Based on the problem area, you can access the appropriate KBAs, Best Practice documents, and Help articles to support you in making performance improvements.


  1. To open the Performance Analysis Tool, choose Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step Performance Next navigation step  Analysis ToolEnd of the navigation path.
  2. To set the date range:
    1. Click the Session Date token.
    2. Adjust the existing range or add a new range.
    3. Click OK.
  3. To apply additional filters:
    1. Click (Set Filter) and select Resource or User.
    2. Select the appropriate member(s).
    3. Click OK.
  4. Click Search.
  5. In the list of results, click to select the document to analyze.
  6. Click the Runtime Distribution tab.


You can now review the values for Backend Time, Network Time, and Frontend Time, and follow the decision tree below to determine where the performance issues are located and what resources will help you resolve them.

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Find Resources

Browser/Client Optimization

To optimize your browser/client:

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Analytic Application Optimization

To optimize Analytic Applications:

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Story Optimization

Stories contain multiple widgets that can be optimized individually.


To optimize stories:


To optimize charts:


To optimize tables:

Geo Maps

To optimize geo maps:

Filters and Input Controls

To optimize filters and input controls:


To optimize images:

  • Use the SVG format instead of PNG, JPG, or BMP

  • Leverage header images, whenever possible

  • Use Fiori Styles/Fonts instead of images

Mobile App

To optimize stories for the Mobile app:


To optimize other elements:

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Planning and Data Action Optimization

To optimize planning workflows and data actions:

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Network Optimization

To optimize the network:

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Backend Optimization

The connection type impacts the resources available to assist with addressing performance issues.


To optimize SAP HANA live connections:

SAP Universe Live

To optimize SAP universe live connections:


To optimize SAP BW/4HANA connections:


To optimize SAP S/4HANA connections:

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

To optimize SAP Data Warehouse Cloud connections:

Data Acquisition

To optimize data acquisition:


To optimize other connections:

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