Bookmarking Analytic Applications

Bookmark lets you, as an application user, capture and save the current state of an analytic application.

When viewing an analytic application, you may want to come back to the same view of the data or directly enter different states of data without having to spend time resetting all the widget states in the analytic application. In this case, you can save a specific view of data or different states of data as bookmarks.

In an analytic application, you can bookmark the changes of a widget itself and the display of the data in it, including but not limited to the following:
  • width and height of all widgets

  • whether a widget or components in a widget is visible or not

  • dimensions and measures added to or removed from a chart or table

  • hierarchy level of the data in a chart or table

  • sorting, ranking, filtering, drilling of data in a chart or table

  • show/hide of a grid, header, title, subtitle, unbooked members, total values in a table

  • items added to or removed from a dropdown, radio button group or checkbox group

  • selected key in a dropdown, radio button group or checkbox group

  • hyperlinks set for an image or shape

  • text applied to a text widget or text changes in an input field

  • max value, min value and current value of a slider and range slider


You cannot bookmark translated contents, except for the bookmark name.


You cannot bookmark changes you make to the non-primitive type script variables (types other than string, boolean, integer and number).


For any new bookmark versions created after wave 2019.19, the settings of Unrestricted Drilling you've defined when setting date range for time dimension will take effect. However, this won't apply to the old bookmark versions created before this wave.

For bookmarks created before version 2020.21, application users may not be able to load a chart which contains calculation via the apply bookmark API. To resolve this, please save the bookmark again.

If you import an analytic application from a .tgz File with the option Drop Objects selected and the analytic application already exists on your system, both the analytic application and its bookmarks are overwritten and its data is updated. For more information, refer to Importing Content from a .tgz File.