Bookmarking Current State

As an application designer, you need to create a Bookmark Set scripting object before application users can save the current state of an analytic application as a bookmark.


  1. In the Scripting section of the Outline, select right next to Bookmark Set.

    The side panel Bookmark Set opens with the default name of the bookmark BookmarkSet_1. You can change the name if you want to.

  2. In the side panel, enter a Version number. The number must be an integer.

    To generate a new version of the bookmark set at any time, you change the version number.

    After that, all the bookmarks you created based on the previous version will become invalid. To reopen the invalid bookmarks, you need to change the version number back to the previous one.

  3. In the side panel, select Included Components to choose the canvas, popups, widgets, and scripting objects to be included in the bookmark set.
  4. Click Done to finish creating the bookmark set scripting object.
  5. To allow application users to save a bookmark when viewing the analytic application, you need to add a widget such as a button and write script for the widget, using the syntax below:
    Code Syntax
    // Save a bookmark of the current state of application with "Personal" or "Global" visibility.
    save (bookmarkName: string, isGlobal: boolean, override?: boolean): BookmarkInfo 
  6. Save and run the analytic application.

    Application users can now change the states of widgets in the analytic application at will and trigger the widget to save different states as bookmarks.


After saving the bookmark, both you and application users with proper authorizations can check it in the Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Browse Next navigation step  Analytic Application BookmarksEnd of the navigation path menu. To view all bookmarks of a specific application, go to the analytic application, select (More actions) to the right of the application and choose Browse Bookmarks.


A bookmark is valid only when its version is consistent with the current version of the bookmark set scripting object. If not, the bookmark is invalid and cannot be opened.

To use a valid bookmark, click the bookmark and open it in the view mode.