Managing Analytic Applications

You can open, create, edit, and share analytic applications in the Analytic Applications area. When you open an analytic application it opens in Design Mode by default. You can execute the application by selecting theRun Analytic Application button.

Create a New Analytic Application

You can create a new analytic application from the applications page. For more information, see Creating a New Analytic Application.

Change the Name or Description of an Analytic Application
  • Select the check box for the analytic application and select (Edit).

  • With an analytic application open, choose Start of the navigation path(Edit Analytic Application) Next navigation step Analytic Application DetailsEnd of the navigation path.

Copy an Analytic Application

You can copy an entire analytic application to a new application as follows:

  1. On the Files page, select the check box for the analytic application you want to copy and select (Copy to).
  2. (Optional) Specify the analytic application's path – you can select public or samples.
    A public analytic application is visible to all users.
  3. Enter a unique name for the analytic application.
    Valid characters are alphanumeric characters and underscores. Spaces can be included but not at the start or end of a name.
  4. Enter an optional description.
Translate Analytic Applications

You can translate user-defined strings of widgets, popups and application description for your analytic applications.

Define Theme for Analytic Applications

You can define the style of an analytic application by creating a theme or using an existing theme.

Share Applications

You can share analytic applications and change sharing settings.