Configuring SAP Analytics Cloud Agent

How to configure the SAP Analytics Cloud agent settings in SAP Analytics Cloud.


  1. The cloud connector is installed. For more information, see Installing the SAPCP Cloud Connector.
  2. The SAP Analytics Cloud agent is installed. For more information, see Installing SAP Analytics Cloud Agent.
    The SAP Analytics Cloud agent is required for all import data connections except SAP BPC NW and SAP BPC for BW/4HANA.
  3. (For SAP BW and SAP ERP connections): The SAP JCO is installed. For more information, see Installing the SAP Java Connector (JCo).
  4. The cloud connector is configured. For more information, see Configuring the SAPCP Cloud Connector.


  1. Log on to SAP Analytics Cloud with an administrator account.
  2. Go to Start of the navigation pathSystem  Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Datasource ConfigurationEnd of the navigation path.
  3. In the On-Premise Datasources section, do one of the following:
    • Select Start of the navigation pathConfiguration Options Next navigation step Edit LocationEnd of the navigation path for the Default Location.
    • Select Add a new location.
    You can connect to multiple locations that have on-premise data sources. Each location that you add should already have a cloud connector installed and configured on it.

    You can edit the Default location but you can't delete it.

  4. If you selected Add a new location, enter the ID for the cloud connector installed at the location that you want to use.
  5. Make sure Enable Agent is set to ON.
  6. Enter the following information:
  7. Select Create.

Next Steps

You must set up connections to your on-premise systems. For the list of systems that require configuration, see Import Data Connection.