Installing SAP Analytics Cloud Agent

You must install the SAP Analytics Cloud agent for some import data connections to work.


  • Apache Tomcat and the Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed. For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.
  • The cloud connector is installed on the same server or a different server. For more information, see Installing the SAPCP Cloud Connector.

    It is recommended, but not mandatory, that the SAPCP cloud connector, SAP Analytics Cloud agent, and the SAP JCO are installed together on a dedicated server, and not a personal computer. This helps to ensure that multiple users can use an import data connection without experiencing slowness or downtime.

    Modifying the SAPCP Cloud Connector’s embedded web application and deploying the agent to it is not supported.


To create an import data connection to one of the data sources listed here, you'll need to set up and configure the cloud agent.


As SAP Analytics Cloud is updated frequently, the SAP Analytics Cloud agent may also require updates. To avoid impacting an existing production application server, it is recommended to set up a separate application server for SAP Analytics Cloud agent deployment. You may install Tomcat and deploy the agent on the same machine the cloud connector is installed. For more information, see Updating SAP Analytics Cloud Agent.


  1. Download the SAP Analytics Cloud agent from the SAP Support Portal.

    The agent is available on the SAP Software Downloads page. Expand By Category, select Start of the navigation pathSAP Cloud Solutions Next navigation step SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD CONN Next navigation step SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD CONN 1.0 Next navigation step SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD AGENT 1.0End of the navigation path and download the latest version.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file and rename the WAR file to C4A_AGENT.war.
  3. Extract the package and copy the file C4A_AGENT.war to your Tomcat webapps directory.
    The agent will automatically deploy when Tomcat is restarted. For more information, see Tomcat Web Application DeploymentInformation published on non-SAP site.
    If you plan to use Tomcat Web Application Manager to deploy the WAR file, you need to update web.xml under \webapps\manager\WEB-INF\ and change <max-file-size> and <max-request-size> to a limit higher than 52428800.
  4. Create a user for the SAP Analytics Cloud agent and assign the Services role to the user.

    The user credentials will be needed later for setting up the connection to SAP Analytics Cloud. For more information about how to create the user and assign the role, see Configuring Manager Application AccessInformation published on non-SAP site.


    We recommend you follow the Apache Tomcat documentation on encrypting and securing your Tomcat user password.

    Alternately, you can use the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit to set up your SAP Analytics Cloud Agent and Cloud Connector. The installation script automatically encrypts your Tomcat user password. For more information, see SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit.

  5. Restart the Tomcat application server for the settings to take effect.

    If you also are creating a connection to SAP BW or SAP ERP, it is recommended to install the SAP JCO before restarting the Tomcat application server. For more information, see Installing the SAP Java Connector (JCo).

  6. Test if the installation was successful, by opening the following URL in your browser: http://<Host>:<Port>/C4A_AGENT/deploymentInfo
    The version of the SAP Analytics Cloud agent installed is displayed.

Next Steps

For connections to SAP BW or SAP ERP, you must install the SAP Java Connector. For more information, see Installing the SAP Java Connector (JCo).

For all other connections, you must configure the cloud connector. For more information, see Configuring the SAPCP Cloud Connector.

Refer to SAP Note 2902697 Information published on SAP site for frequently asked questions and more information about the SAP Analytics Cloud agent.