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Object documentationBusiness Partner Master Data: General Tab Locate this document in the navigation structure


Use this tab to enter general information about a business partner.

To access the tab, choose   Business Partners   Business Partner Master Data   General  .

General Tab Fields
Tel 1, Tel 2, Mobile Phone, Fax, E-Mail, Web Site

Specify the communication details of the business partner.

Note Note

If you have Microsoft’s automatic phone dialer installed, you can press CTRL+TAB to automatically dial the numbers in the telephone fields.

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Shipping Type

Specify a shipping type for the business partner. The shipping type will be displayed in every new document created for this business partner.


Specify a password for e-commerce applications that integrate with SAP Business One.

Factoring Indicator

If required, assign a factoring indicator (both code and name) for the business partner. The indicator is automatically inserted as the default value in invoices and can be displayed in the account statements.

BP Project

Select a project to associate with the business partner.

Contact Person

Name of the default contact person specified on the Contact Persons tab.

ID No. 2

Specify any additional identification number for the business partner.

Unified Federal Tax ID

An ID to be used in case the company is part of group of companies or a child company connected to a parent company.

Company Reg. no. (CRN)

Type here the company registration number of the business partner. This number is used as a means of identification in contacts with government authorities and other organizations.


Specify any additional information related to the business partner.

Sales Employee/Buyer

For customers, select the default sales employee. For vendors, select the default buyer .

Commission Group

Specify a commission for the sales employee, either by entering a commission percentage for User-Defined Commission or by selecting a predefined commission group. This field appears only if the option Set Commission by Customers is selected on the BP tab in   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings  .

Note Note

To define commission groups, choose   Administration   Setup   General   Commission Groups  .

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BP Channel Code

Specify a business partner serving as the channel partner of this customer. The channel partner will be automatically displayed in documents created for the customer.

Note Note

Relevant for customers only.

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Specify a default technician (employee) for the customer.

Note Note

Relevant for customers only.

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Specify the territory to which this customer belongs.

Note Note

Relevant for customers only.

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GLN (Global Location Number)

Represents an address or business partner. This field is alphanumeric and 50 characters long.

The GLN displayed in this form is retrieved from the Company Details window.

EDI Message

Specify the trading partner details by adding Sender and Recipient IDs.

Sender ID

The company or business partner sending the document. This field is alphanumeric and 50 characters long.

Recipient ID

The company or business partner receiving the document from the sender. This field is alphanumeric and 50 characters long.


If the business partner is located abroad and you want to print documents in his local language, specify the required language. By default, the company language is displayed.

Note Note

Before you print documents for foreign business partners, ensure that the foreign language fields have been translated.

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Note Note

The field is only displayed if you have selected Multi-Language Support on the Company Details: Basic Initialization tab.

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Generated from Campaign

Displays the no. of the campaign from which this business partner is generated.

To view the campaign, choose the (Form Link) ((Form Link)) icon.


Displays additional fields that allow you to define a period in which the business partner is active.

Note Note

When a business partner exceeds its active period, you can no longer post sales or purchasing documents for this business partner. However, you can create draft documents.

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Displays additional fields that allow you to lock the business partner for a specified period.

Caution Caution

You cannot post sales or purchasing documents for a locked business partner.

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Branch Assignment

Choose to open the Branch Assignment window to assign business partners to branches.

Note Note

This field is available only if you have enabled multiple branches. For more information, see Working with Multiple Branches.

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Country-Specific Field: EU
Intrastat Relevant

Available only if you have selected the Enable Intrastat checkbox on the Basic Initialization tab of the Company Details window.

If the business partner is eligible for Intrastat declaration, select this checkbox to display the Intrastat Settings tab to configure the Intrastat settings for the business partner. For more information, see Business Partner Master Data: Intrastat Tab.

Country-Specific Field: Mexico

If the business partner is of the Person type, specify the CURP number (18 characters).

Country-Specific Field: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain

Select an agent to assign to the business partner, or specify one in the Agents - Setup window.

Country-Specific Field: Spain
Residence Number Type

Select the identification document of the business partner, for example, certificate of fiscal residence or passport.

This field is visible only if Extended Tax Reporting is selected in the company details. For more information, see Initializing Tax Reporting According to Model 340.

Country-Specific Field: Russia
Use Shipped Goods Account

Available for customers only. Select this option to post transactions of Deliveries that are created for the customer to the Shipped Goods Account and not to the Cost of Goods Sold account.

The option is selected by default if the Use Shipped Goods Account option in   Administration   System Initialization   Document Settings   Per Document   Delivery   is selected. The selection you make is applicable for future transactions only and it does not influence transactions that were posted in the past.

Country-Specific Field: Israel

Specify the value added tax identification number.

Country-Specific Fields: Korea
VAT Registration No.

VAT registration number of each business place.

Note Note

Field ID No.2 serves as VAT Registration No. for Korea.

End of the note.
Representative Name

The owner of each business place.

Type of Industry

The category of the industry that each business place manages.

Type of Business

The category of the business that each business place manages.