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Windows are output areas for all output data. You can set the size and position of a window graphically in the Form Painter. There are main windows and secondary windows. The most important difference is that the output in a main window can cover several pages.


After you created a form, a main window already exists on the first page.


A page exists on which you want to create a window.


  1. Create a window node in the navigation tree of the Form Builder.
  2. Note

    If you create the window in the Form Painter using the context menu, you can use the mouse to position it immediately.

  3. Enter a unique name for the node and a description (for example, booked flights).
  4. On the General Attributes tab select a window type. The window types Copies Window and Final Window are secondary windows with additional attributes. See also: Processing Windows.
  5. Caution

    For each page you can indicate only one main window.

  6. The Position and Size values in the Output Options box correspond to the position in the Form Painter. If you want to, maintain other attributes.


You can see the window in the Form Painter and in the tree structure. You can always change the specification of the main window or of a secondary window.