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This function allows you to manually change the actual cost component splits for each procurement alternative. This may be necessary for the following reasons:


You can define default cost component splits for orders within the company.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Material Ledger ® Determine Prices ® Manual Change of Actual Cost Component Splits.
  2. Enter the data required for selecting the material and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Enter.


You can choose from the same selection criteria available for the Structure linkmaterial price analysis. After you have selected the material, you can also change the display to swap between the main and auxiliary cost component split. This is also possible for nodes that cannot be changed.


To simplify the change process for cost component split values, you can scale the base quantity for the actual quantity using a quantity of your choice (user entry).

  1. Double click on the nodes marked with This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (edit) in the structure procurement alternatives/processes.

The existing cost component split is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen You can change all fields that have a white background.


You can only make changes that do not change the column totals. The difference between your changes and the previous column total is displayed in the line Difference.

  1. To copy the changes made to the value in local currency into different currencies, select the column variable 2 (or variable 3) and choose Translate from local currency The new values are calculated into the different currencies and displayed in the column selected.
  2. To replace the current displayed cost component split values with the default cost component split values, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (Default values)
  3. Choose Copy.
  4. Save your entries.

The display shows any changed lines by underlining them in color.



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