Testing With HTTP Client

Target Audience

  • Test expert
  • Development consultant
  • Technology consultant


HTTP Client is a command line program that allows you to send operation requests from a text file to the SAP CC Core Server system. These message requests are based on the HTTP Communication Interface (HCI) technical interface that specifies the content of HCI message envelopes accepted by the SAP CC system. These messages are based on XML and transported via the HTTP communication protocol.

Used only for test, demo, or training purposes, this user interface allows you to:

  • Create or change master data stored in the SAP CC system without using the SAP CC Core Tool user interface (SAP Site)
  • Automate the creation or the modification of data
  • Send administrative operation requests

The updater instances of the SAP CC Core Server system are the end points or public access points.

Important Note

The communications are not secured.


This program does not control the XML messages that are sent to the SAP CC system. Make sure you do not corrupt the data. Because some operations can lead to back-end database changes and thus impact data integrity, SAP SE recommends that you use this program carefully.

Source File

The source file is a text file. It is compliant with the specification of the HTTP Communication Interface (HCI).


  • The source file must include a unique envelope
  • Do not mix HCI business operations and HCI administrative operations in the file
  • Refer to the HCI specifications detailed in the SAP CC Java/XML API Reference (Core Library) and in an XML Schema Description (XSD)


Use the verbose mode of SAP CC Core Tool or the debug mode of SAP CC Admin+ to capture the HCI streams and facilitate the design and edition of the source files.

HTTP Client is included in the Core Tool (CORE_TOOL_4.6) software unit but is not available in the Core Server (CONVERGENT_CHARGING_4.6) software unit.



To send HCI operation requests to an updater instance of the SAP CC system:

httpclient [<HOST> <PORT>] <FILENAME>

To send HCI administrative operation requests to an updater instance of the SAP CC system:

httpclient [<INST_ID>] <HOST> <PORT> /admin <FILENAME>

To send HCI operation or HCI administrative operation requests to an updater instance of the SAP CC system by precising the system URL:

httpclient <URL> <FILENAME>

Command Arguments
Name Description
<INST_ID; The identifier of the target instance in the SAP CC system; 'updater#1' for example.
<HOST> The hostname (IP address or DNS name) of the target instance of the SAP CC system; 'localhost' is the default value.
<PORT> The communication port of the distant instance; '9000' is the default value.
<URL> The URL of the target instance of the SAP CC system. Precise the communication port (':9000') and add '/admin' to the URL for HCI administrative operations.
<FILENAME> The name and the path of the text file containing the operation requests to send to the distant SAP CC system

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