The SAPML framework provides general purpose text recognition capabilities along with drop-in UI components for easy consumption in your app.


The SAPML.framework depends on the following frameworks:

  • SAPCommon.framework
  • SAPFiori.framework


  1. Add SAPCommon.framework, SAPFiori.framework and SAPML.framework to your Xcode project.
  2. Additionally, add the third-party dependency frameworks GoogleToolboxForMac.framework, GTMSessionFetcherIOS.framework, Protobuf.framework, and GoogleMobileVision.framework to your Xcode project. These dependencies can be found in the SAPML-Dependencies sub-directory.
  3. Add SAPCommon.framework, SAPFiori.framework, SAPML.framework, GoogleToolboxForMac.framework, GTMSessionFetcherIOS.framework and Protobuf.framework under Embedded Binaries in the General tab for your project configuration.
  4. Your App is now linked to the frameworks and appears under Link Binary with Libraries and Embedded Frameworks section in the Build Phases tab of your App’s Xcode project settings.

Note: Make sure that GoogleMobileVision.framework is neither in Link Binary with Libraries nor in Embedded Frameworks section.

Component Categories

  • Text Recognition – Configure FUITextRecognitionView to scan, filter and extract relevant texts using device camera.