open class CompositeStep : OnboardingStep

This step collects and executes substeps. The defined queues in SAPcpmsDefaultSteps are available to perform specific operations groupped around a specific behavior:

  • SAPURLSession configuration steps
  • SAPcpms settings and configuration download steps
  • SAPcpms settings and configuration apply steps Example how to initialize a download queue:
let compositeStep = CompositeStep(steps: SAPcpmsDefaultSteps.settingsDownload)

The compositeStep instance now can be placed in the onboarding flow. The queues are proposals how to run the default flow. The flow is customizable with the available supsteps: SAPcpmsSessionConfigurationStep SAPcpmsCorrelationConfigurationStep LanguageObserverConfigurationStep SAPcpmsSettingsDownloadStep SAPcpmsDestinationsDownloadStep SAPcpmsLogSettingsApplyStep SAPcpmsUsagePolicyApplyStep PasscodePolicyApplyStep SAPcpmsLockWipePolicyApplyStep


During the onboarding flow, if there is a splash screen which shows a text, that text can be changed/localized.

// The localized CompositeStep can be created like the following code snippet
func customCompositeStep() -> OnboardingStep {
   let step = CompositeStep()

   let compositeBundle = Bundle(for: CompositeStep)
   step.infoScreenText = NSLocalizedString("CompositeStepInfoScreenTextKey", tableName: "ExampleTableName", bundle: compositeBundle, value: "Example Info Screen Text", comment: "")

   return step