Creating Audit Reports


The audit report contains all important administrative data related to the audit , including comments, results, and the corrective/preventive actions that have been determined. The audit report is an official document that is signed by the lead auditor and the head of the audited area. Parts of the audit report are usually confidential and can, therefore, not be viewed by all users.


  • The required audit must exist in the system. The audit question list must be assigned to the audit. The valuation proposals for the audit questions and the relevance of the audit questions to the audit has been planned, and the audit must be released.

  • Corrective and preventive actions were created for the audit if required.


  1. Access Audit Management .

  2. Select the audit for which you want to create the audit report.

    The required audit is displayed.

  3. Choose Print Preview .

    The audit report is displayed in the print preview. You can save this preview locally, you can print it ( Form for Audit pushbutton), you can assign it to the current audit as a PDF document ( PDF Attachment pushbutton), or you can send it in the form of a PDF document in a mail to all business partners ( PDF Attachment pushbutton. You can also use your own forms.

    Note Note

    You can also print the audit report by selecting the Result tab page in the audit and then choosing Create Report . A screen appears where you can specify the printer details, display the audit report in the print preview, and trigger the printing of the audit report.

    The status of the audit changes when you print the audit report.

    End of the note.


You have created and printed the audit report.