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Text Summarization

You can use the Text Summarization model to summarize texts in Interactions and the Subject field of tickets.

The model summarizes the e-mail interactions in a ticket as overall, customer, and agent summaries.

What Changed?

This VersionText Summarization


  • Available only for texts in English

  • Applicable only for e-mail based interactions between a customer and a service agent

  • Available only for e-mail interactions generated from Outlook and Gmail

  • For existing tickets, summary generated only when a new interaction is added (after model activation).

  • There can be a delay between sending or receiving interaction and summary updates. Text summarization takes place asynchronously from the e-mail communication. The delay depends on the number of interactions in the queue and the number and size of the interactions in the ticket.

Scope and Configure

To add machine learning models, you must assign yourself the Prediction Services work center.
  1. Navigate to Start of the navigation pathAdministrator Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Users Next navigation step Business UsersEnd of the navigation path.

  2. Search and select the user to whom you want to assign the Prediction Services work center.

  3. Click Edit and then select Access Rights.

  4. In the Work Center and View Assignment tab, click Find, enter the search term Prediction Services, and then click Locate.

  5. Select the Assigned to User checkbox, and click Save.

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