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GUIBB: Search Component

There are several new or changed features for the Search component:
  • Improved Preview (FLUID)

    For this component, the Preview panel in the FPM configuration editor now has a UI control for displaying the SAP guideline that has been used when this component was created. Developers can now select another guideline to see how the component would be rendered at runtime (note that this feature is for viewing purposes only; the actual guideline of the component is not changed).

  • Managing of Global Variants at Runtime

    It is no longer possible to save and manager global (public) variants in customizing mode (&SAP-CONFIG-MODE=X). Users with the authorization object S_WDR_ADM (with the Share Variants setting) can now save and manage variants at runtime.

  • Global Settings for Shared Variants

    Administrators (or users with the authorisation role S_WDR_ADM (with Share Variants setting) can now set a public (shared) search variant as the default variant for all users in a productive system. A Global Settings button (SAP Fiori UI guideline) and menu option (SAP UI guideline GL2.0) are now available for this purpose.

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Functional Localization

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Application Component


Available As Of

ABAP Platform 1909