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GUIBB: Analytics Component

  • Universal Display Hierarchy (UDH) in One Column

    The implementation of the UDH has changed; all characteristics of the corresponding axis are rendered in a single column (respectively, a row for column headers).

    Note that header cells still react to actions, context menus, and selection as members of their direct characteristic, and not as members of the display hierarchy.

  • Default Bookmarks Without Variables

    This feature enables you to save a default bookmark for queries without a variable. In this case, the bookmark is loaded only after the query is executed the first time.

  • Sharing of Bookmarks

    This feature enables you to share bookmarks (set them to Public) with all users within a client. To do this, you must have the authorisation role S_WDR_ADM (with Share Variants setting).

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Application Component


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ABAP Platform 1909