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SAP Fiori User Experience Design

With the version SAPUI5 1.65 we introduced the new SAP Fiori 3 layout to streamline user experience between different SAP products. Actions and notifications are now directly integrated in the home page and the home page is always fully visible.

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Available As Of

ABAP Platform 1909

Additional Details

The new layout includes the following new features and changes:


New in SAP Fiori 3


A new default theme was introduced: SAP Quartz Light. The new theme is lighter and more neutral, so as to blend more into the background, giving application content the center stage.

See Themes and Managing Your Settings.

Header bar

The shell bar was redesigned.

  • There is a new notifications icon .
  • There is a new icon on the right side of the header bar for the User Actions Menu

    See User Actions Menu

  • When there is not enough space to show all icons in the shell bar, e.g. on a mobile device, an overflow icon is displayed instead.

  • The Home button was removed. You can click on the SAP icon or customer brand icon to return to the home page.


The notification area was redesigned and the notification preview was removed.

See Working with Notifications.

Quick Access

There is a new dialog showing recent activities and frequently used apps replacing the lists in the Me Area.

See Working with Recent Activities and Frequently Used Apps.


The online status of a user is no longer displayed.

Me Area

The Me Area was removed and replaced by the User Actions Menu.

You can find two tutorials showing the new layout and the personalization options on Working with the Launchpad. The video on SAP Fiori 3Information published on SAP site gives a good impression of the new user interface.