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WebSocket Remote Function Call

This feature lets you call remote-enabled function modules (RFMs) over HTTP/WebSocket. To find a detailed overview, see section Additional Details below.

Technical Details



Functional Localization

Available in all countries/regions

Scope Item

Not applicable

Application Component


Available As Of

ABAP Platform 1909

Additional Details

RFC is now internet-enabled:

WebSocket RFC allows RFC calls over HTTP/WebSocket. Therefore, VPN connections are no longer required for calling remote-enabled function modules (RFMs) across company networks. Since WebSocket is upgraded HTTP, you can use reverse proxies, routers etc. for HTTP instead of an SAProuter.

To enhance security, WebSocket RFC is always transferred via SSL. There is a dedicated UCON scenario for WebSocket, which means that you can have different whitelists for RFC over CPI-C and WebSocket RFC. By default, RFMs are only accessible via WebSocket RFC if you whitelist them in UCON for WebSocket RFC.

Using the new destination type W for WebSocket RFC results in an RFC call over WebSocket, while the CALL FUNCTION statement stays unchanged, which means that, in general, calling RFMs over the internet does not require any program changes. Still, there are some minor restrictions on calling RFMs via WebSocket RFC: For example, RFMs that open SAPGUI-based UIs cannot be called over WebSocket.