Adding Comments to a Data Cell

You can view and create comments on table data cells.


To set or change the comment limit for your model, go to Start of the navigation pathSystem Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step System ConfigurationEnd of the navigation path, and update the value for Limit of comment threads per Model.


You can leave comments on cells from any type of acquired model. When a story is opened, comment mode is on by default.


You can't add comments to table cells from blended models or live data models.

To view the existing comments, add a new comment, and delete any comment, you would need the following permissions.
  • You should have Read, Create, and Delete permissions for the object-type Comment in the tenant.

  • You should have Add Comment, View Comment, and Delete Comment permissions on the model to comment on datapoints.
  • You should have Add Comment, View Comment, and Delete Comment permissions on the story.


If any one permission is missing in the combination, then you won't be able to perform the relevant action.

When commenting on a data point, the data context is taken into account. Only users who share the data context can view the comment. The data context is composed of the following:
  • All dimensions visible on the table.
  • Page, chart, and story filters.
  • Data access control and role-level security.
You can add comments to data cells sourced from restricted measures in a table, however these measures cannot be based on any underlying restricted or calculated measures.

When commenting on a data cell, the data context includes the specific filters on dimensions used to create any underlying restricted measure. The comment will display in other tables and stories that apply the same filter combinations to the dimension.

For example:
  • You put a comment on a restricted measure based on account values that apply a filter on the region dimension to limit the member to ‘North America’.

  • The comment will display in other tables or stories that apply the same filters to limit the region dimension to ‘North America’.


You can add comments to a base account member or a measure in the new model type. However, you cannot add comments on a calculated account member (except of type restricted member).

When a story is opened, Comment Mode is on by default.

When you add or remove dimensions, the existing comments will still be visible if the data context of the cell has not changed. In the example below, the comment on the left was created with a Region filter on Canada. On the right, Region has been added to the visible dimension without a filter. The context of the cell remains the same for both scenarios, therefore the same comment is visible.


When your table has multiple hierarchical dimensions and the comment is added to a lower level member of an inner dimension, you won't see the comment wedge icon when you collapse the outer dimension.

  • You have two dimensions, Account and Region. In Account you expand Income Statement, and in Region you expand All Companies.

  • You add a comment to North America.

    A colored wedge is displayed to indicate that there is a comment.

  • You then collapse the All Companies hierarchy.

    The wedge is still visible, but it is now transparent.

  • Finally, you collapse the Income Statement hierarchy.

    The comment wedge disappears.


  1. Select the data cell to which you want to add a comment.
  2. Right-click and then select Add Data Point Comment.
    A comment dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter your comment in the displayed dialog and select Add Comment to submit the comment.
    The comment is posted as part of a thread - a colored wedge shape is displayed at the top right of the cell.

    Comments on data points are available for other users as soon as they are made.

  4. To reply to a comment on a data point:
    1. Choose the wedge in the data cell.

    2. Select the displayed comment icon to display the thread to which you want to reply.
    3. Enter your text in the reply box and then select Add Comment.
    A data point comment also displays the original value of the cell if the data value has changed.


Another way to manage data point comments is by using a dedicated commenting column in your table. This column can be used to view and add comments. For more information on how create this column see Adding Calculated Rows and Columns in a Table.

Next Steps

To create a new comment thread or reply to an existing comment thread, select the target cell in the column and enter your comment in the displayed dialog. Select Add Comment to submit the comment.
The dedicated commenting column is created as a new member of the same dimension and hierarchy level as the member it references. You can change this context by referencing a different column in the commenting formula. Changing the drill state or adding a dimension can impact the context of the referenced cell.
Only the most recent comment in a thread will display in a comment column cell. To view an entire comment thread, double-click in the corresponding cell.