Data Visualization (Stories)

An SAP Analytics Cloud story is a presentation-style document that uses charts, visualizations, text, images, and pictograms to describe data.

Once you create or open a story, you can add and edit pages, sections, and elements as you like. The story toolbar is divided into different categories such as File, Insert, Data, and Tools to help you find options and perform tasks more efficiently.

As the owner of stories that you've created, you can share them with other users and grant permissions for these stories.

When you share your stories, users with view permissions can analyze the data by navigating within the stories.

Enhancing Your Story
Optimizing Your Story Experience
Exploring Your Data
Visualizing Data Using Charts
Adding Variances to Your Charts
Creating Custom Calculations For Your Charts
Visualizing Data Using Tables
Creating Custom Calculations for Your Table
Visualizing Data Using Geo Maps
Visualizing Data Using R
Adding Calculations to an Analysis
Using Currencies in Your Analysis
Story-Specific Considerations for SAP BW Live Data Connections
Styling and Customizing Stories
Troubleshooting Common Chart Errors